Jan 15

The Lego Watch

LEGO has always been the symbol of great childhood. It doesn’t matter whether you were a child in the 80s or a child in the 2000s, LEGO is still the king of toys when it comes to young boys. LEGO is actually one of the most collectible brands out there and will surely make your boy happy, no matter what age he has. But it wouldn’t be appropriate to get your guy some LEGO and perhaps an accessory that reminds him of the best times in his life is definitely better.  With this cool LEGO watch you can be certain that he will remember those great times every day.


This amazing new line of LEGO watches will give joy to men all over the world and they can be really cool accessories. The great thing about them, besides being LEGO themed is the fact that they are not ordinary watches, they come with  cool interchangeable bezels and bracelet links that will make any wearer have a whole new watch every day. You can make any combination you want, especially with the bracelet links where you can design your own colorful pattern. All those skills little boys got from playing LEGO are sure to pay off now.


The watches presented by LEGO come in analog and digital dials so it’s your choice whether you want a more retro futuristic approach or a classic one. There are various models such as a cool white watch that doesn’t even look like it was made with LEGO in mind but also more interesting and crazy designs such as goofy miniLEGO heads for each hour indicator and also sports watches or other types of casual watches that look like they were inspired from a LEGO fairy tale. The watch case measures about 40mm and has a water resistance of 50 meters; some of the models come with aluminum or steel parts but most of them are constructed with a plastic that resembles the LEGO pieces. It also comes with mineral glass crystal and quartz movement. This isn’t an incredible watch in terms of mechanism and movement but it definitely has an impact whether you buy it for a boyfriend or you are a guy buying it for fun.

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Dec 10

Zelda Triforce Lamp

This is the ultimate geek gadget and it will definitely make any person who is in love with retro video games have a small happiness stroke. This is the ultimate symbol of an era that produced amazing video games, video games that haunted our childhood and video games that used to be more about graphics and sound, they were about the feel. If you are looking to impress a geek or if you are a geek trying to make your room awesome, the Zelda Triforce Lamp is the ultimate decorative lamp you can get. I know what you are thinking, it’s just a lamp with a weird symbol on it. No, that is not a weird symbol that is the ultimate source of power in the Zelda series and the balance that weights the three important forces: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Even more, this amazing symbol is able to grant the wish of those who manage, through great ordeal, to obtain it, even if their wishes will cast evil or good on this world. This is why it is important that the amazing Triforce doesn’t come in the hands of those who wish to do evil. It was a power created by gods but it can be only used by mortals which makes it even more dangerous. And now you can have it near your bedside to give your room a cool retro look.


But seriously, it doesn’t matter where you live, this is definitely what you need in order to improve your living space. And the cool thing about it is the fact that it will able to instantly illuminate your room by giving it a mysterious aura, the same powerful aura you have seen in the Zelda series. Also, the sides of this amazing lamp have been created to look like they are 8-bit pixelated and they cast amazing squares of light throughout the room. It has an amazing feel to it and can bring that intimate light your bedroom might need.

The lamp measures 11 inches and it’s handcrafted with plastic. This awesome gadget costs around $100 dollars but it’s definitely worth every penny.

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Nov 06

Record And Project

Although the mobile phones we have nowadays can also record video at good quality, for the best quality you still need a camcorder. Since we are looking at small portable cameras, let’s consider some that not only can record videos but can also project them so that you can get that old movie cinema feel. There are few models that have this feature and it is an interesting gadget to have around. The Coolpix S1000pj as well as the more recent Sony HDR-PJ50 can turn your living room into a real cinema hall for movies you directed, filmed and shared.


Any flat surface will do and for the best experience, it is better to turn the lights off. Other features of this great gadget, the Sony HDR-PJ50, include a 220 GB hard drive. The large disk space makes it possible for you to record and store quite a lot of material; also the quality is very good being able to record at 1920×1080 HD, but this has become something normal for new video records. Given the easy to use features and the nice design, this gadget can be great as a gift for someone that has a passion for filming, recording or sightseeing. Prices can exceed a thousand dollars but you are not just buying a gadget, you are buying a high quality video camera that will help you keep the memories of every fun experience; the 220 GB hard drive will play a big part in that. Of course, what makes it interesting is the projection option and it will surely make for fun nights with friends. The projection image has 60 inches and the quality is very good as long as the surface is adequate and the lighting conditions must be optimal to really feel like you are at the cinema; all you need now is some popcorn and you are ready

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Oct 17

WiPry-Combo Spectrum Analyzer and Dynamic Power Meter for iPad

It seems that everyone now has an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod and it is this popularity of the Apple products that have determined other manufacturers to create special gadgets that can work together with them and offer something special, unique and very comfortable for the user. The list of iPhone accessories can be very long with gadgets for just about everything and there is one special gadget that is the first of its kind and it is very useful for IT professionals and engineers.


The WiPry-Combo is the first ever dynamic power meter that can also act as a spectrum analyzer accessory. These measurements were normally made with special tools that would take up a lot of space and require special attention. The new gadget is very small and it is compatible with the Apple products we all came to love; it simply fits in the bottom of the iPad and it turns into an amazing combo between a dynamic power meter and a spectrum analyzer. The large screen of an iPad allows this gadget to display all the needed information in the form of waveforms that indicate the amplitude in respect to time. The touchscreen will also prove very useful when using the Spectrum Analyzer because it allows the user to install and make the needed corrections to a wireless network. The result is quite amazing and the display is filled with useful data that is shown in the most beautiful way possible.

With a price of just under $200, the WiPry-Combo is one of the most useful gadgets for IT enthusiasts that like to have the latest tool when they work. It can be used to record the power output and it is extremely needed when trying to troubleshoot a wireless network or device.

It is compatible with most of the Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as long as it uses iOS 3.1.3 or better. There is a special app needed that can be downloaded directly from the App Store free of charge. All in all, the WiPry-Combo is a gadget that can be very useful in the right hands.

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Sep 29

Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone

When you need an easy to carry and modern design product that would make your life much easier, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone is what will make the difference between you and other parents. This is a product that helps you keep your baby safe by monitoring it and sending you everything on your phone. You will know what your baby is doing every moment of the day. It comes with a touchscreen that has five buttons for more detailed control and a cool user friendly interface, it can be launched from your phone directly and it comes with a cool melody selection that will also entertain your child. There are many baby monitor products on the market but this one can be easily connected to your smartphone making it a perfect tool for those who are also tech savvy.

baby monitor

You can either use it open, by monitoring your baby with video too or you can close it and make sure that you still hear the baby while you are in the same room. The good thing about this monitoring device is the fact that it’s compact enough to carry in your purse and take it everywhere with you, also you can place it absolutely everywhere. It comes with great features too: 3 megapixel high definition video sensor with 2048 X 1536 pixels, intuitive camera angle adjustment with 4X zoom, wide angle shot and LED infrared night vision that goes up to 5 meters and it also has an automatic activation system. It’s extremely easy to install, you just download the app and you connect it through the internet and with your iPhone, iPad or iPod so that you remain connected with your baby wherever you go. It also comes with a battery that lasts about 2 hours, so in case there is a power shortage you will still be able to see what your child is doing. It monitors different features such as humidity, temperature, noise and even motion in the room and alerts you if there are any changes.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor is definitely a gadget for smart parents who aren’t willing to compromise their child’s safety.

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Jun 09

Auto Mp3 Player

If you ever wondered what you should buy your boyfriend, this is the article you should stop and read. Men love their cars and they also love to invest in their cars, so what better way to combine a nice gesture with a practical matter than to buy him something for his car? Make sure that you buy him the latest gadget or you can even get an iPod that you can connect to his car.

Pioneer DEH-1300MP

You can easily get a Pioneer DEH-1300MP CD Receiver with MP3/WMA Playback and Remote Control, it is approximately $ 70. This great sound system has a modern design that will fit extremely well in any vehicle. Those who seek the best performance will be extremely pleased by this device. It doesn’t only play mp3’s, but also CDs and WMA formats, so you can easily access your favorite music. One of the best features worth mentioning are Advanced Sound Retriever, which manages to bring the best audio experience you have ever encountered in an automobile. It also comes with the cool Supertuner IIID, which is probably one of the best digital and analog tuners you can find nowadays. You won’t have any problems as you will get the finest sound wherever you are. It also has a universal 3.5 mm mini-jack that will allow you to connect all your portable players and play music directly from them.

Whether you are trying to offer a nice gift for your boyfriend’s car, or you are a man looking for the best thing they could buy for their buddies, The Pioneer DEH-1200 is probably the best Auto Mp3 Player on the market when it comes to price and quality. You will get an excellent quality and a beautiful experience, without having to pay an extremely high price for it.

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May 18

Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter

The Holiday Season is almost here and most of us have feverishly begun to browse the shops for potential different gifts and a cool gadget which we warmly recommend as a gift for your teenager is the Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter. This is a remote control reconnaissance helicopter which comes with a built-in camera which allows you to record all that you desire.


The camera is located beneath the helicopter and can be oriented at a 200 angle. You are able to film up to 30 minutes of video in AVI format at a 640×480 resolution. The video is stored on a 1GB microSD card and can be easily copied and transferred to a computer by the use of a microSD to USB cable which comes with the package. Both the helicopter and the camera can be controlled by an infrared remote control which even permits you to turn the camera on and off.

The helicopter itself is quite easy to control and the horizontal tail rotor combined with the two contra-rotating coaxial main rotors work in such a manner as to keep the helicopter constantly in balance even through up and down, left and right, forward and backwards commands in flights. The Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter works with the aid of 6 AA rechargeable batteries which are not included. A set of fully charged batteries will offer you a seven minute flight. The batteries require 40 minutes to be recharged.  This wonderful gift is recommended for ages of 14 and above. If you intend to purchase it for a smaller child it is highly recommended that you supervise him/her while he is using the Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter.

So, if you desire to give a cool gadget as a Christmas gift or any other occasion to your close one, then you should take a look at the Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter. This nifty little gadget will definitely bring you and your close ones wonderful memories and great pass time. So start spying and recording all you want around the house starting today with this cool gadget, the Indoor Reconnaissance Helicopter. We promise you that you will not regret what it has recorded.

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Mar 10

Interactive Advertising – A Portal To A New World

Coming with a good solution to attract customers can often be a hard task. What’s even more demanding is coming with a good solution that also shows creativity and will immediately make your clients hooked to the product. If you haven’t thought about it until now, you should know that there is a beautiful and creative way you can manage to attract customers and make your business look even more professional. It’s called interactive advertising. This is a new and exciting way you can promote your business or products.


Creating a name for your brand is sometimes really difficult and you often need something that would make people remember you. With interactive projection you can be sure that people will always remember your brand. An advertisement way that implies so many senses has never been developed before and it will engage the customers fully into experiencing this new sensation. They will be able to touch, see, and hear the product on the screen so interacting with the product virtually will be your signature. You can offer the clients a part of the feel they would get from choosing your brand and make them want it even more.

What is the first rule of advertising? Getting people’s attention. With interactive projection not only you will get their attention, but you will also keep them interested for longer periods of time. You will be able to offer them a lifetime experience and correlate your brand’s name with positive feelings, uniqueness, and curiosity. That’s definitely a recipe for success in any field.

Interactive advertising is not just a way to make your brand known, is the advertisement method of the future. Become a leader by choosing to use interactive projection in your marketing campaign and you will surely become the best in your niche.

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