Cool Gifts For Young Boys

Whether you have to buy a gift for your own son or you are looking for a gift to buy a young boy, things can always get complicated because there are so many things kids want nowadays. However, we managed to compile a list of cool gifts for a young boy that will definitely make them ecstatic. Here are some of the coolest gifts you should get a boy with an age from 8 to 14 for his birthday.

Walkie Talkies – Your boy will absolutely love these as he can play various types of game using them. The best thing about them is the fact that he can pair up with his friends and they can all play commando while hiding around, so why not get him something that will promote a fun outdoor activity? You can buy them for about 40-60 dollars, depending on the brand you are choosing.  Your kids will love them as they will be able to communicate and you can even get one to communicate with them and make sure that they are playing around your home.

Kid Outdoor Explorer Kit – Why not give your kid the adventure of his life with this cool Outdoor Explorer Kit? If they are interested in nature or insects they will find this absolutely amazing. it contains a sketchpad, colored pencils, headlamp with batteries, backpack, magnifying glass and a bug checklist.

LEGO Ideas Book – Every boy loves LEGO so why not buy him a book that will give them more ideas about this wonderful play set? It seems that children who grow up using LEGO have a better abstract thinking so why not start modeling your child from an early age and help them increase their abilities.

Bike – the good old bike will provide with numerous hours of fun activity. Every boy wants a bike and you should definitely buy one for your son sooner or later. You get a bike for various amounts of money but we definitely advise you to get a high quality one as you shouldn’t expose your child to an unsafe object. A high quality bike usually goes from 100 to about 200 dollars.

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