Is Luxury Online Shopping Possible?

People with good financial situations and high incomes love to spoil themselves by buying luxury products. While for some, the purchased product is the goal, others also cherish the personalized shopping experience high-end boutiques provide them with. However, within modern society and its hectic rhythm, these people are the most likely to lack the necessary time to reach these locations and indulge themselves with the pampering behavior of personal shopping assistants and the detailed presentations they can provide. Another argument in favor of trading luxury products online comes from countries like Russia or China where the newly rich do not benefit from a wide range of brick and mortar high class boutiques.

Although they rejected the idea for a long time, luxury manufacturers and sellers see themselves forced to open the doors of their virtual boutiques striving to maintain their customers’ loyalty and their revenues. But, in order to do that, they also have to provide online shoppers with the same kind of experience the latter ones appreciated offline. Therefore, the question that appears is: how does a luxury online shop differentiate itself from other e-trading businesses?

The luxury shopping experience is defined by rich sensory interaction one could think it is impossible to re-create online. However, experts disagree, arguing that the use of 3D technology, of music and high quality zooming products pictures can cover for the lack of touch possibility. They advise brands to focus on recreating the same atmosphere they used their customers with: same style of background music, same detailed product presentation, prompt service and easy return policy.

Thus, their websites should include chat applications for the potential clients to be able to communicate with the personal shopping assistant that used to help them make their in-store purchase decision. The common frequently asked questions page is not sufficient for this type of shoppers who require to be addressed personally and not be included in a crowd. The return policy is equally important because after spending a big amount of money on a product, buyers do not want to get caught in administrative hardships and to pay for the return.

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