Pininterest or the Power of Pictures

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the trendiest social platforms of the moment. Pinterest offers lots of interesting features when it comes to sharing photos and promoting web pages. Based on a simple idea, it is one of the most powerful tools Internet marketers currently use to promote their pages.


How does Pinterest work? It is very easy. This website is actually a huge bulletin board that allows you to create photo albums focused on a specific theme. Most websites already have a “Pin it” button incorporated. Pinterest users pin the photos and group them in thematic briefs called Boards. What’s the commercial benefit? Pinterest is the perfect opportunity for businesses to make their products and services known and to provide the customers with a visual support. A picture is better than a hundred words. This is the principle Pininterest is based on.

Pinterest also has a viral aspect, photos can be shared and used by other Pininterest members who can integrate them on one of their albums. For instance, a furniture manufacturer or seller can create a Web catalog, where to display their products and post the pictures on the social media’s pages. Other Pinterest users will repin the photos; hence, viral effect potential. One of the main advantages Pinterest offers to business players and website owners is that they can associate a URL to the photos, so that they redirect to the web page where the products or services are commercialized.

Pinterest is obviously not perfect. One of the problems refers to the use of pictures which can be copyrighted. Nevertheless, Pinterest has created a lot of fuss around it. Everything revolves largely around referral links and the potential to increase the traffic flow towards websites. Together with Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, Pininterest is, according to most Internet marketing experts, one of the most powerful traffic generating tool used nowadays by webmasters willing to increase their business’ online exposure.

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