Record And Project

Although the mobile phones we have nowadays can also record video at good quality, for the best quality you still need a camcorder. Since we are looking at small portable cameras, let’s consider some that not only can record videos but can also project them so that you can get that old movie cinema feel. There are few models that have this feature and it is an interesting gadget to have around. The Coolpix S1000pj as well as the more recent Sony HDR-PJ50 can turn your living room into a real cinema hall for movies you directed, filmed and shared.


Any flat surface will do and for the best experience, it is better to turn the lights off. Other features of this great gadget, the Sony HDR-PJ50, include a 220 GB hard drive. The large disk space makes it possible for you to record and store quite a lot of material; also the quality is very good being able to record at 1920×1080 HD, but this has become something normal for new video records. Given the easy to use features and the nice design, this gadget can be great as a gift for someone that has a passion for filming, recording or sightseeing. Prices can exceed a thousand dollars but you are not just buying a gadget, you are buying a high quality video camera that will help you keep the memories of every fun experience; the 220 GB hard drive will play a big part in that. Of course, what makes it interesting is the projection option and it will surely make for fun nights with friends. The projection image has 60 inches and the quality is very good as long as the surface is adequate and the lighting conditions must be optimal to really feel like you are at the cinema; all you need now is some popcorn and you are ready

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