The Lego Watch

LEGO has always been the symbol of great childhood. It doesn’t matter whether you were a child in the 80s or a child in the 2000s, LEGO is still the king of toys when it comes to young boys. LEGO is actually one of the most collectible brands out there and will surely make your boy happy, no matter what age he has. But it wouldn’t be appropriate to get your guy some LEGO and perhaps an accessory that reminds him of the best times in his life is definitely better.  With this cool LEGO watch you can be certain that he will remember those great times every day.


This amazing new line of LEGO watches will give joy to men all over the world and they can be really cool accessories. The great thing about them, besides being LEGO themed is the fact that they are not ordinary watches, they come with  cool interchangeable bezels and bracelet links that will make any wearer have a whole new watch every day. You can make any combination you want, especially with the bracelet links where you can design your own colorful pattern. All those skills little boys got from playing LEGO are sure to pay off now.


The watches presented by LEGO come in analog and digital dials so it’s your choice whether you want a more retro futuristic approach or a classic one. There are various models such as a cool white watch that doesn’t even look like it was made with LEGO in mind but also more interesting and crazy designs such as goofy miniLEGO heads for each hour indicator and also sports watches or other types of casual watches that look like they were inspired from a LEGO fairy tale. The watch case measures about 40mm and has a water resistance of 50 meters; some of the models come with aluminum or steel parts but most of them are constructed with a plastic that resembles the LEGO pieces. It also comes with mineral glass crystal and quartz movement. This isn’t an incredible watch in terms of mechanism and movement but it definitely has an impact whether you buy it for a boyfriend or you are a guy buying it for fun.

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