Tips for Buying Jewelry Online

The first thing to check when buying jewelry online is the quality of the product. For costume jewelry, you look at the type of materials used, at the design’s originality, at the finishing elements (the type of fastener used for necklaces, for example). The value of jewelry is related to proportion of gold or silver it contains, to the quality of manufacture as well as to the stones. Gold jewelry items must bear one of the seals: 916 (formerly called 22 carats), 750 (18 carats), 585 (14 carats) or 375 (9 carats), while silver jewelry may be 925 or 800. This information is usually certified by a punch on the back of the product.

Jewelry called “plated” must also meet certain criteria: a gold layer of at least 3 microns and a silver layer of 10 microns. A simple way to assess the diamonds’ quality is to use the 4 C method: cut, color, clarity and carats. The higher the ranking in all four categories, the greater the jewel’s value.

 There are also some technical details you must consider when buying jewelry online. Make sure, for instance, to check the length of bracelets and necklaces. Women who wear jewels every day know how long a necklace should be when they see it. But when you buy it online, you cannot appreciate its length or the pendant’s position correctly. Therefore, it is recommended to measure other items that you already have and to think about the clothes you will wear with the necklace. Is it a turtle neck, a round neck or a shirt?

 Buying a ring is more delicate. Unless you choose an adjustable model, you often have to know its actual size. Some sites offer grids to help you associate the size of their rings to the circumference of your finger. Otherwise, it is perhaps better to ask before finalizing the purchase.

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