WiPry-Combo Spectrum Analyzer and Dynamic Power Meter for iPad

It seems that everyone now has an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod and it is this popularity of the Apple products that have determined other manufacturers to create special gadgets that can work together with them and offer something special, unique and very comfortable for the user. The list of iPhone accessories can be very long with gadgets for just about everything and there is one special gadget that is the first of its kind and it is very useful for IT professionals and engineers.


The WiPry-Combo is the first ever dynamic power meter that can also act as a spectrum analyzer accessory. These measurements were normally made with special tools that would take up a lot of space and require special attention. The new gadget is very small and it is compatible with the Apple products we all came to love; it simply fits in the bottom of the iPad and it turns into an amazing combo between a dynamic power meter and a spectrum analyzer. The large screen of an iPad allows this gadget to display all the needed information in the form of waveforms that indicate the amplitude in respect to time. The touchscreen will also prove very useful when using the Spectrum Analyzer because it allows the user to install and make the needed corrections to a wireless network. The result is quite amazing and the display is filled with useful data that is shown in the most beautiful way possible.

With a price of just under $200, the WiPry-Combo is one of the most useful gadgets for IT enthusiasts that like to have the latest tool when they work. It can be used to record the power output and it is extremely needed when trying to troubleshoot a wireless network or device.

It is compatible with most of the Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as long as it uses iOS 3.1.3 or better. There is a special app needed that can be downloaded directly from the App Store free of charge. All in all, the WiPry-Combo is a gadget that can be very useful in the right hands.

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